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I help writers find the clarity, confidence, and courage to write and publish amazing books.

My client's books have been best sellers for:

Three Things Every Author Needs

Clarity You need to know what you’re writing, why you’re writing it, and who you’re writing it for. Until you have complete clarity on these three things, you will forever spin your wheels in the outlining and planning stage. 

Confidence Every author needs confidence that they know what they’re doing and that their work will be worth the time, energy, and money invested in creating the book. But you don’t know what you don’t know. I’ve been writing professionally for over 30 years. I got you.

Courage Why courage? Because authors face intense scrutiny–from outside forces like editors, journalists, and readers, and also from inside of us. We are our own worst critics. And I’ve been coaching authors through their freakouts for more than a decade.

What Kind of Nonfiction Book Should You Write?

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Become the ONLY ONE people want to work with

Sharing your story and life experience is one of the best ways to raise your visibility in your field and attract clients and customers to your business.  As a published author, you become THE recognized expert in your field–even if there are other experts out there.

The Profitable Business Author teaches you my Outside-In Method for writing, publishing, and marketing a book that inspires, educates, and sells.

Your book can:

  • Attract more clients and customers to your business
  • Sell your products and services
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Open up speaking opportunities
  • Most importantly, change the lives of your readers for good!

The first step to becoming an author is writing the book! And not just any book, a high-quality transformational book that makes a real impact on the world.

  • It doesn’t matter if you’re too busy to write.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re not great at spelling or grammar.
  • It doesn’t matter if there are a dozen other books out there on the same topic.

You got this!

If you know you’d like to write a book, or if you’ve got a half-finished manuscript hidden on your hard drive, this book was written for you.

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When the book was finished, I felt an unbelievable sense of accomplishment… It’s helped us exponentially grow our company, and not just through lead generation.

Russell Brunson
Doctom Secrets

First draft done in 22 days! It was everything I needed to know–exactly when I needed to know it.”

Natasha Hazlet
Unstoppable Influence

Russell Brunson
Author, Dot Com Secrets

“For those of you who might be wondering if you should write a book…

For those of you who’ve tried and are wondering if it’s worth the effort…

For those of you who have any kind of fear or worry that’s holding you back from jumping in and just doing it…

I want to tell you that Julie is the person who helped me.

Without her, it never would have come out of my head. I would have been stuck for maybe another decade or more. But now my book has the chance to bless and to serve tens of thousands of people’s lives around the world. And thanks to the skillful construction of the content, it will continue to do that for the next ten or twenty years—or even longer.”

Russell Brunson
Author, Dot Com Secrets

“I’ve never met anybody who makes it as easy as Julie made it on me to work with her.”

Cristy Nickel
The Code Red Revolution

“People are finally seeing me as an expert, and it’s just been fantastic from beginning to end. I couldn’t have done it without Julie’s help.”

Rich Brooks
The Lead Machine

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