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There are five challenges every successful author must overcome. They are the source of all writerly pain from indecision and self-doubt to procrastination and imposter syndrome. I call them the 5 Author Freakouts.

They will block you. They will mock you. They will make you question your sanity. But when you learn to recognize them and face them head on—you’ll win. 

I’ve seen them over and over again with my clients. And I’ve been through them myself.

I help writers develop the clarity, confidence, and courage to defeat the freakouts and create timeless books that make the world a better place.

Here’s Why I’m So Committed To Helping Writers


The world is inundated with information every single second of every single day. Yet books remain the highest authority. No blog post, article, podcast, or YouTube episode can replace the trust generated by a well-written book.


The right words can inspire the heart. The right words can educate the mind. The right words can sell–ideas, actions, products, and services. Words are the pigments that paint the way to how things could be.


Anyone can publish a book these days, which means anyone can publish a book these days. Your reputation and results depend on having a timeless, professional-quality book that represents you and your values at the highest level.


97% of books never get finished. But I believe everyone who wants to write a book, should write a book. Let no amount of self doubt, imposter syndrome, or inexperience stand in the way. I’m here to help. Authors have the power to change the world, one book at a time. And the world needs that!

Here’s The Formal Bio

Julie Anne Eason is CEO of Thanet House Publishing as well as a best-selling author, speaker, and ghostwriter. She started her professional writing career 30 years ago covering school board meetings for the local newspaper. She struggled to overcome the typical freelance feast-or-famine cycle of low-paying jobs and rose to join the top 1% of writers in the US.

She has ghostwritten multimillion-dollar books for industry leaders like Russell Brunson, Cristy “Code Red” Nickel, Annie Grace, Alex Charfen and more. She is the author of The Profitable Business Author: How To Write A Book That Attracts Clients And Customers. Her latest book, The Work at Home Success Guide is quickly becoming a must-read for freelancers or remote employees or anyone who aspires to be one. Julie Anne’s passion is helping people produce books that inspire, educate, and sell.

My first book took 16 years to write.

The second took 6 days!

(Ask me how)

I’ve been writing professionally since 1991

everything from magazine articles to sales copy to books. When I started, I used a typewriter. Now, I use a phone. Weird.

In my spare time, you might find me sword fighting, belly dancing, or figure skating

The World is Waiting for Your Book

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