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Julie Anne Eason is CEO of Thanet House Publishing as well as a best-selling author, speaker, and ghostwriter. She started her professional writing career 30 years ago covering school board meetings for the local newspaper. She struggled to overcome the typical freelance feast-or-famine cycle of low-paying jobs and rose to join the top 1% of writers in the US.

She has ghostwritten multimillion-dollar books for industry leaders like Russell Brunson, Cristy “Code Red” Nickel, Annie Grace, Alex Charfen and more. She is the author of The Profitable Business Author: How To Write A Book That Attracts Clients And Customers, and  The Work at Home Success Guide .

She wrote her most recent book The 5 Author Freakouts after coaching her clients through the same five mental blocks that kept them from writing, publishing, and selling their books. It dives into the subconscious reasons authors experience procrastination, overwhelm, self doubt, and imposter syndrome and gives them the tools to move past the blocks and be successful. 

Julie Anne’s passion is helping people produce books that inspire, educate, and sell.

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My Favorite Topics to Discuss

The Profitable Business Author: The 3 critical components to engineering word of mouth campaigns that work

Sample Interview Questions:

How can marketing be engineered to drive word of mouth?

How does a book play a part in word of mouth campaigns?

What’s the fastest way to create a course from a book or a book from a course?

The 5 Author Freakouts: Overcoming procrastination, self doubt, and imposter syndrome on the writer’s journey

Sample Interview Questions:

What are the Freakouts and how do they stop us from writing?

Why do authors get stuck in endless rounds of editing and revisions?

How can authors defeat the 5 Freakouts and get out of their own way?

Finding Your Natural Writing Style: How to use brain chemistry to write faster and be more productive

Sample Interview Questions:

How can writers make progress, even if they only have 10 minutes to write?

How do introverts and extroverts naturally write, and what happens when they don’t pay attention to their preferred style?

What can we do if all the usual time-management strategies don’t work for us?

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