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I Can’t Wait To Read Your Book!

Whether you just need a little guidance or you’d like to partner on a done-for-you book, your message matters.

“I’ve never had a more effortless and invigorating creative process than I have with you over the last two months…the highlight in my life right now is getting the opportunity to write this book with your guidance. I tell people, the angels themselves delivered you to me.” 

Amanda Holmes, CEO Chet Holmes, International

The Scriptorium

Join others on the author journey in this exclusive coaching group. Get your questions answered and stay accountable to your goals. The Scriptorium will help you stick to your schedule and meet your goals all the way through the process.

Work 1:1 With Julie

“Sometimes you just need a little Julie Time.” At least, that’s what my clients tell me. I offer executive book coaching and ghostwriting on a very limited basis. If you think you’d like to work with me directly on your project, get in touch.

Publish Your Book

Got a manuscript already? Congratulations! Let me help you fine tune it and get it ready for publication. As CEO of Thanet House Books, I offer manuscript evaluations and boutique publishing packages.

“When the book was finished, I felt an unbelievable sense of accomplishment. I saw what had been bottled up in my head for ten years, finally in a format where anybody could look at it, read it, touch it, experience it, and get results from it. Julie’s process works. I’m living proof!”

Russell Brunson, Co-founder of Clickfunnels and best selling author of Expert Secrets

How To 9x Your Business With Your Book

Here’s the deal…
You went through the challenges in your life for a REASON.
You’ve been entrusted with a MISSION.
And there are certain people in this world that ONLY YOU can help.
But you can’t help them if they don’t know you exist.

You probably already know that your story has the capacity to impact thousands. But sharing it one tiny snippet at a time through videos and social posts might attract some attention, but it is NEVER going to have the impact you want. They’re here and they’re gone–and then you have to make more. It’s just adding to the chaos.

You need to pull people AWAY from the noise.

So you can talk to them.
Show them YOU have the solution to their problem.
Teach them YOUR philosophy.

And become the ONLY PERSON they want to work with.
Even if they weren’t actively looking for help. How do you do that exactly?
By sharing your story and your message in a book.

A single copy of a good book gets passed around an average of 9 times before it  disappears...That means you can LEVERAGE YOUR STORY to help so many more people through the ripple effect.

Now, that’s all well and good… But 97% of books never get FINISHED… That even includes people who’ve taken massive advances and publishing contracts…they just get stuck and can’t make it all the way to the finish line.

That means YOU have to play it smart. You need someone to guide you through all 5 major challenges you’re going to face on your author journey. I call them the 5 Author Freakouts and I have solutions for all of them.

You need someone who can guide you through not just the writing, but the publishing and distribution as well… My publishing house Thanet House Books has helped some of the leading experts in the world write and publish books that helped them build 7, 8, and even 9 figure businesses.

You are needed now more than ever before.

And I KNOW that if I can help you write a book that inspires, educates, and sells…then you’re going to help more people. Your message and your story will inspire REAL CHANGE in the world. And frankly, that’s our only hope.

Ultimately, you have to decide whether you want a quickie book that’s slapped together in a dark alley somewhere and tossed up on Amazon. And let me tell you… A LOT of coaches and experts do this, and then they come to me embarrassed by their own books. They admit that they don’t even want anyone to know they ever published before.  (And hey, if that’s you, it’s okay. I can help you.)

YOUR story… Deserves to be told well.

YOUR story… Deserves to be seen out in the world

YOUR book… Deserves a great cover, professional editing, and proper layout

YOU deserve a book that represents you beautifully. One that you’re proud of and are thrilled to share with the world. A book that ACTUALLY changes lives.

And that’s what I do all the time. I help people with big hearts and great stories write and publish amazing books.

It’s Time For Your Story To Be Told

Let’s write your book!